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Asynchronous communications are tricky  

Worklife@Home Team Admin

Here's an interesting article about how to do this better, courtesy of our friend Patrick F. and Fast Company magazine, a great source of info about remote working — and lots of other stuff.


Topic starter Posted : 29/03/2020 6:50 pm
Active Member

I was wondering about this! At work, we seem to email each other even when we're just a short walk down the hall. But now, we can't walk to the next desk to see if someone didn't respond because they're not there, or what. So understanding ways to make all that work better when you can't even see them is helpful. Great site! Thanks!

Posted : 29/03/2020 6:53 pm
Josh Freeman
Member Admin

I just posted an article about how to manage the flood of communications from Slack, email, and all the other sources of info we're bombarded with every work day. Maybe it'll help. I'd love to hear about other people's suggestions and systems! https://worklifeathome.com/2020/04/05/communication-overwhelm-how-we-control-the-flood/

Posted : 06/04/2020 12:10 am
Tim Miller
Active Member

We've been investigating Asana. Seems very powerful and nicely tailored to our team's work style. I love Gantt chart-type planning, which Asana seems to do for you. But a lot of people don't. So to each his own I guess.

Posted : 07/04/2020 11:21 pm

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