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Meetings at the worst times

Tim Miller
Active Member

Today, my manager decided to have an all-hands meeting via video chat. First of all, I hadn't shaved in a week. Second, my exhausted wife was trying to get some rest and left me to watch our toddler. Third the dog started barking at some invisible enemy outside. How do you guys deal with all that and show up onscreen looking professional?

Topic starter Posted : 28/03/2020 12:50 am
Active Member

Yikes! Luckily for us we don't do many videoconferences. Mostly teleconferencing and screen sharing, which more than gets the job done. 

Now that I've reprogrammed my face-touching habits, the last thing I want to do is put makeup on every day to look "presentable" for a last-minute videoconference.  

Maybe ask your manager to reconsider the need for video chats? We're dealing with enough stress as it is during these chaotic times. So not having to get dolled up for a video chat would be one less thing to have to worry about.

Posted : 30/03/2020 5:06 pm
Lizzybeth liked
Active Member

I couldn't agree more. Men don't get it. But I bet the women bosses aren't suggesting spontaneous at-home videos! ? ? 

Posted : 30/03/2020 5:48 pm
Andrew Wong
 Andrew Wong
(@Andrew Wong)

This is great. Thank you!

Posted : 01/04/2020 12:38 am
Active Member

Don't be afraid to use the "mute mic" button and/or the "hide video" button more! I think everyone can relate to needing to mute background noise (ambulances, lawnmowers, dogs etc - just like in conference calls), so I doubt your team would mind if you occasionally availed yourself of these tools.

My partner has been working from home for years for a design agency - they have work video calls all day - at least half the participants have their screens blacked out (ie no video sharing) and their work culture is ok with it. Maybe you can shift the culture at yours.

Posted : 09/04/2020 12:46 am
Worklife@Home Team Admin

@flavia has a point. One made in a /">new post we just put up today that also links you to a nice article from Seth Godin on dealing with Zoom calls well. Take a look.

Posted : 23/04/2020 4:45 pm

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