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Online collaboration: There are some great choices out there!

Josh Freeman
Member Admin

I happened on this article from Popular Science about the best apps for collaborative work from home.  And it reminded me of a great and powerful app I have used and loved for years: Evernote.

It's a cross-platform note-taking app that syncs everywhere. You can grab content from the web in a range of formats: straight text up to entire pages, and screenshots. Photos of things that have words in them (signs, notices, business cards and certainly scans from your phone) all become searchable through its built-in word recognition.

It's a very mature, very deep platform and it's all shareable. As of this morning, I have 8,225 notes in it! (Time to prune, no?) From client meeting notes to photos of potential gifts for family and friends (with location stored automatically) to song lyrics and guitar chords to cocktail recipes, it's all instantly searchable and findable.

Topic starter Posted : 11/04/2020 11:46 pm

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