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Free Mindfulness sessions for children (starting today)

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Copying a co-worker's post:

"I want to share the brainchild of a brother-sister duo (a high schooler and a middle schooler that I've known personally for many years) stemming from their own experience while shelter-in-place is in force and schools stay closed indefinitely for in-person learning. The abrupt and sudden change has left hundreds of thousands of kids dealing with isolated schedules, fear of unknown, lack of resources, and difficult home situations. provides a free online platform for students of all cultures, ethnicity, and ages to practice mindfulness in an online session led by certified practitioners. The first session kicks off today (Mon, 4/27) at 4pm.
Please encourage your child to join as mindfulness is scientifically proven to build resilience, improve academic performance, and lower anxiety. Parents are encouraged to sit in with kids younger than 12 years old.
I do want to note that neither I nor the team at Apart But Not Alone are endorsing or promoting any business as part of this initiative.


Topic: 30 minute online mindfulness session
Time: This meeting is held from Mon-Thurs at 4:00 PM PST
Meeting ID: 988 112 5935
Password: vrtogether
You can also attend the session Live from their Facebook page."
Posted : 27/04/2020 7:08 pm

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