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I'm going nuts

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I'm feeling like a caged animal today. A kind of fat, lazy one, but definitely caged. I just want to go to a restaurant and have a beer, or do anything to feel normal. I know I'm driving my wife crazy, too, with my complaining and obsessiveness. Any thoughts about how to snap out of it? It's depressing and hard to focus on my work, such as it is these days.

Topic starter Posted : 01/04/2020 8:51 pm
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Worklife@Home Team Admin

It's hard for all of us, needless to say, and we feel your pain. After a long confined winter, spring was probably looking pretty good to most people in the northern half of the U.S. So this need to stay inside wasn't the antidote people were looking for.

Exercise is probably the most effective thing you can do for yourself to stay out of a depressed state and lift your spirits. Walking will do it. And there's a post in this forum about it as well. Check it out.

Getting sunlight on your face, breathing fresh air, all helps.


Posted : 06/04/2020 1:45 am
Josh Freeman
Member Admin

This whole thing about people feeling ashamed of their depression, anger, anxiety, and other emotions — and thinking there's something weak about getting some professional help? That's just lame. You deserve better.

If this is really getting you down, by all means get into some therapy. Many, many (dare I say most?) therapists are doing online sessions these days. And I've been hearing a lot about BetterHelp, which seems good although I haven't used it personally. Give it a look. And there's also Talkspace.

And here are some reviews that may help as well.


Posted : 06/04/2020 1:52 am

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