About us

These folks know us. But you might not.

Who’s FreeAssociates?

We’re a strategy-centered design firm helping our clients create visual communication that lets them:

  • advance their organization
  • reach clients and customers more effectively
  • create a clearer identity for their brand

How do we do that?

Through investigative, participatory processes that create a deeper understanding of who our clients are and where they want to go. Then, once that’s defined and clarified, we excel in helping them get there.

We work in print and digital media, as well creating entire environments and experiences. From strategy through execution, we’ve got it covered.

What’s that got to do with working from home?

FreeAssociates was started as a collection of individual designers, strategists, writers, consultants, producers and project managers all “associating freely” to create great work for our clients. All of us enjoyed working from home then, and we continued to work that way as the tools and technology improved around us.

When the 2020 pandemic hit, we realized that we could share our years of experience with folks who were brand new to this way of working. And that there were probably lots of other people who would be willing to do the same.

So we started WorkLife@Home

Our first thought was to create an online community. We wanted a place where newbies could ask questions and get answers. We figured a dialogue would be helpful and would allow the widest range of useful responses.

And then we produced a podcast

Which we’re using to let our guests share their own experiences, advice, tips, tools and techniques. Not to mention frustration, confusion and discoveries.

You can hear it on your favorite podcatcher —  Apple PodcastsGoogle PodcastsOvercastStitcherSpotify, TuneIn and PocketCast  — or wherever you normally listen.

Want to know more?

Here’s our website: freeassoc.com
And our blog: freePress

We’d love to hear from you!