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Careers: Good Girls & Second Acts

Managers have to lead remote teams, build trust, and find a way forward. And they may well have to navigate the rest of their career while working from home. Kate Gigax shows us the path.

The Hype Handbook

If you’re trying to make a difference in the world and nobody’s noticing, maybe what you need are the skills of a Hype Artist. Michael F. Schein and I talk about the contrariness of the Rolling Stones, the techniques of cult leaders, and how that can help you do some good out there.

Get control of your time

John Sindelar has created a new way of looking at how you spend your time: a calendar app called Dayback. We talk about the elusiveness of time, the challenges of software and…surfing.

“Inventing” Work from Home at Chiat/Day

Zach Rosenberg helped launch remote working in 1993 at the famed ad agency Chiat/Day. Now he’s marketing brands in outer space. Find out how the biz really works. And doesn’t. And what you can do to market your own services.

Digital campaigns for movies

Love movies? Me, too. And you’ve probably seen the campaigns that promote them during Oscar season. Which means you’ve seen Andrew Stachler’s work. High pressure creativity. Near-instant turnaround. Coordinating teams in the U.S., Manila and Buenos Aires. How can they do that while working from

Large teams, managing for diversity

How do you run a 300-person team from your desk at home? And how does that team manage to function in this time of quarantine? Erika Abrams, lately of Encore VFX, has some answers. Her take on the weirdness of Zoom meetings, the need for

No space, roommates and Zoom

Gabe Freeman is a 26-year-old User Experience Researcher who started at Facebook late last year, after having worked in a conventional office at a B2B software company. All was well. But now he has to work from home, along with three roommates! We talk about

Coping with Zoom

Welcome to the electronic age. Wait, we’ve been here a while. So by now we should all be pretty comfortable with video calls, right? But we’re not. We’re learning. And if you’re new to working at home, you might well be new to Zoom as

Communication overwhelm? How we control the flood.

Over my decades of running a distributed company with a completely home-based workforce, I’ve learned a lot. And I’m still learning. There’s just too much information and not enough time. And there are a lot of great tools competing for our attention and our wallets.