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Careers: Good Girls & Second Acts

Managers have to lead remote teams, build trust, and find a way forward. And they may well have to navigate the rest of their career while working from home. Kate Gigax shows us the path.

The Hype Handbook

If you’re trying to make a difference in the world and nobody’s noticing, maybe what you need are the skills of a Hype Artist. Michael F. Schein and I talk about the contrariness of the Rolling Stones, the techniques of cult leaders, and how that can help you do some good out there.

David Hockney at Home: A Narrative

David Hockney is 83 years old and remains wildly productive working at home In Normandy. This special episode is about how he does it. It inspired me, and it might inspired you.

Keeping it light

The brilliant Dave Coverly has won a ton of awards for his panel Speed Bump. Makes me happy every morning when I studiously avoid the news for a few minutes and plunge into the comics section.

Worshipping during a pandemic

It’s hard to keep a congregation feeling connected when they’re so isolated. From Chris Rock to Coldplay, from kids to coffee, Mike Moses has some helpful answers.

Teaching college from home

How do you teach a hands-on university class from home? Especially when you’re a self-professed “ink and paper” guy? David Mayes shares the trials and tribulations of a sudden transition, all while holding down his day job as a printing rep from his home office.

Special free arts programs from UCLArts & Healing

Our friends at UCLArts & Healing are offering a free, online series called HOPE (Healing Online for People Everywhere) to enable our global community to build resilience through the arts over the next few months. Ping Ho, founder and director of this highly respected training